From the childhood itself, each one of us participates in those poem reciting competitions, storytelling Olympiads, vocabulary building seminars and many more. Writers basically are of two types: one category has writing in their genes itself who outshines everyone and grab first position in these competitions, the other category caters those individuals who have that spark in them but they don’t know how to proceed and they remain in guilt in the rest of their lives. Apart from these categories there is one special class of writers, who with time gain that interest in writing due to circumstantial obstacles they faced in life.( it may be the case of lost love, death of the dear ones etc.) We at “I too write” takes care of every writer who comes to us.

"I too write" is not only a learning platform for the novice writers but it is that confidence that gives strength to a wannabe writer whenever he or she holds a pen to write something. "I too write" is that unheard and subtle voice in a writer that says, if others can write, why can't I? The mission of this website is to create such a global platform where everyone can learn to write as per his or her taste. This platform is not restricted to any particular genre but covers all the different segments that one can think of on writing.

We at “ I too write” take an oath to make you hold your pen in such a way, that it can provide you those necessary wings to fly high in your writing career, plus we here are committed to give you personal feedback on everything you write by analyzing each of your write-ups with a microscopic eye. So, come and check out our various plans that we are offering to writers.

Here We

  • Adopts a holistic approach with special emphasis on grammar, terminologies of words, books to read that involves 360-degree evolution of you as a writer.
  • Have a dedicated query tab to resolve all your doubts.
  • First ever online course that provides e-certification in all the genres of writing.


Our USP, is the way this program is formulated that it is one of the kinds of its courses that will revolutionize the writing fraternity. We at "I too write" are providing an e- certification for its different sections and it is first ever platform to do so as far as creative writing is concerned. But there is a condition to it, we will conduct a questionnaire of 15 questions when a student reads whole of our section and after attempting the same, a certificate is awarded.


"I too write" website contains four core categories of imparting quality training in the field of writing with a zero-tolerance of any stone that remain unturned in the achievement of its mission. The four sections are:-

  • Poetry Writing
  • Story Writing
  • Feature writing
  • Business writing

Apart from that we have add-ons (Grammar, Terminologies of words, Books to read) which is only exclusive to our premium members

The details of each section and the curriculum it contains have been individually mentioned in their respective columns. A user can choose his or her section and pursue the desired course at a nominal fee. Come and check out our various categories.


"I too write" is an advanced platform for English language learners. The evaluation of this course is also unique and exemplary. There is a set of 4 questions at the end of each chapter of every section except the Grammar section which has 20 multiple-choice questions. The completion of those 4 questions is the prerequisite (and 20 MCQs) for getting an e certificate. As we have been adopting grading system in the scheme of our evaluation, the marks obtained by students have been categorized into the following grades i.e

1) Between 100- 80: A+
2) Between 80 to 60: A
3) Between 60 to 40: B
4) Below 40: C

So, it is reiterated that only sincere learners of the language shall enroll with us.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our four different plans as per your suitability. Hold our hands to learn the various specks of the writing and write your own destiny.

Our story

We at I too write believe, there is always a better and an easy way to write, what’s on one’s mind. We are obsessively passionate about making each individual on this planet write and write better. We’re a sincere team, who wishes to gift every mind with the gift of writing. With this in mind, Bonny Bhagat had introduced the idea, in 2019. The idea to solicit a good learning platform of budding writing minds was picked up and trusted upon by Mr Srijith Kn, together they started structuring it and then tremendous progress happened when they met individuals who turned their life around with writing. Now we have a team of valuable writers with us and we now believe even more in the power of writing. We have curated each genre of writing with the expertise hand that has years of experience in the industry.

Why we are different?

In no way we are criticizing other available courses of writing but we are at " I too write" certainly has an edge over others. As we are the first-ever online platform that brings you the gamut of writing genres under a single umbrella and you can choose the genre as per your taste and interest. Secondly, we believe in one to one personalized learning with the feedback on your every write-ups. Though we know the pen is certainly in your hands, and we promise to provide the necessary direction to your pen that will assist you to make a legit writer. This is where " I too write" stands above from its opponents.

"Let's write together"- I too write