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Have you checked our feature writing section? Our online travel writing course provider allows you to capture your travel stories by making you learn about travel memoirs; You can tell your audience what you ate this week and how it was, this has been taken care by our online food review writing course provider;  You can talk about social issues in-depth; make people laugh with humour writing( thanks to our online humor writing course provider); indite articles for magazine and newspapers with the right structure that comes under the umbrella of our online magazine course provider and online newspaper writing course provider respectively; compose the next bop song that will feature on the billboard 100 with lyric writing;  and also know the appropriate way to pen book reviews.

(Chapter 1) The Basics of Feature Writing

Introduction When we are writing a non-fiction piece of news it is generally known as a fiction story/writing. It is a kind of soft news and its main sub-types are the human-interest story and the ...Read more

(Chapter 2) Travel writing

Introduction In this chapter, we are going to have an inside look at how to do 'Travel Writing'. The growing reputation that this branch of feature writing has been receiving in recent year...Read more

(Chapter 3) Food Writing

Introduction In this chapter, we are about to learn in-depth about how to do 'Food Writing'. In the olden times when humanity wasn't that civilized the role of food was restricted to su...Read more

(Chapter 4) Writing About Social Issues

Introduction The world is full of taboos. Societies have their own set of rules and ways of leading the milieu. These regulations and faucets on human freedom contain the openness of mind. There ar...Read more

(Chapter 5) Writing a book review

Writing book reviews has always been an eclectic combination of different views and verdicts. Many novels begin with other novelists brief-reviewing what they read, ornamenting it with all the sy...Read more

(Chapter 6) Newspaper Writing

Everyday mornings start with the perusal of newspapers. From international to national news, down to city dailies, every activity taking place around is compacted and collected and made available at o...Read more

(Chapter 7) Magazine Writing

Dieting Article -  https://www.theweek.in/health/cover/2020/03/06/dos-and-donts-of-dieting.html Better Living -  https://www.readersdigest.in/better-living/story-for-the-love-of-bakin...Read more

(Chapter 8) Lyric Writing

Lyric writing is a creative and engrossing craft and the first songwriting process. The beauty coming out after proper synchronization of lyrics and tunes, crescendos and decrescendos put together in ...Read more

(Chapter 9) Humour Writing

Humour is known to bring people together and it has the power to alter how we see the world. Not everyone is an expert at cracking jokes at the right place and at the right time. Especially when it co...Read more

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