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And your search is over for the best online poetry course provider that "I too write" here is offering. Writing poetry is an art and there are many sorts of poetry in the writing world. In this section, you will learn all the technicalities of poetry as there is a lot that goes into inditing a touching poem: diction, colloquialism, metrical structures, symbols, imagery, similes and metaphors; innovations and literary devices; persona; compose poetry on romance, nature, social themes and more. This online poem writing course provider promises you to become a legit poet. Do peek at our website.

(Chapter 1) An Introduction to the Poetry

As we hear about someone is a poet, the first thought we are stuck with is that he has a god gift in the form of words, or he must have greater intellectual skills than me.  But certainly, that i...Read more

(Chapter 2) Persona

What is the significance and usage of persona? Persona is used by the poet to represent a character of his choice or to express his thoughts through a character. What is a persona? Persona me...Read more

(Chapter 3) Diction, Colloquialism and Metrical Structures

It is a universal truth that nobody teaches you how to write and how to express yourself. Since every writer is unique in terms of his expression. So, the choice and the use of words and phrases in a ...Read more

(Chapter 4) Symbols, Imagery , Similes and Metaphors

  What is the significance of using symbols in poetry? The symbols in poetry are used to express complex, mixed and intense feelings. A poet consciously or unconsciously transfers his perso...Read more

(Chapter 5) Writing Poems on Social Themes

  There are poems with the theme of sociology and many times you might have come across with the write-ups about the social matter of our society, nation or things which cover the entire unive...Read more

(Chapter 6) Writing Poems on Nature

The understanding of theme in a poem The theme is "underlying message or big idea" depicting in the poem that may be stated directly or indirectly. It is important to note that there is a...Read more

(Chapter 7) Writing Romantic Poems

 Romance is the elixir of life. Romance comes from emotional attachment. It can be with your partner or an animal or even nature. The way a man serenades his woman had been cannon fodder for c...Read more

(Chapter 8) Innovations and Literary Devices

Before we can learn about the innovations in poetry, it is necessary to learn what are innovations? Innovations are the novelties or changes that a poet introduces into his/her writings. Poetry, as...Read more

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