Creative Story Writing Course


You certainly have landed up on the right page if you are looking for the best online story writing course provider. Do you wish to woo away your audience with an influencing and impactful story? With the help of our horror story writing course provider, you can: write spine chilling horror stories that keep everyone on their toes. Our online love story writing course provider indite a love story that invokes emotions in the reader flipping through the pages; write sensual erotica stories that make the reader's imagination run wild; compose detective stories that hook the audience till the very end and keep them asking for more; learn about the basics of story writing, anti-hero, anti-plot, open-ended narrative and you can learn a lot more with our story writing course.

(Chapter 1) The Basics of Story Writing

Indeed, you can't refrain emotion to a single form or type. Sentiments expressed in the form of the poem makes poetry, emotions can also be expressed in the form of prose, free verse and dialogues...Read more

(Chapter 2) Anti-hero , Anti Plot, Arch Plot and Mini Plot

Introduction In this chapter, you will learn about the anti-hero, in place of the conventional one. An anti-hero can be secluded and a flawed figure, fighting his inner battles while looking for fr...Read more

(Chapter 3) Narrative: The fundamental block of story writing

Introduction So far we have been learning about the anti-hero and the anti-plot in the earlier chapters. In this chapter, we will be gaining knowledge regarding the open-ended narrative. In the con...Read more

(Chapter 4) How to Write Horror Stories

Horror stories have always been a strange fascination for all age groups.   Isn't it? Children chewing their nails as their friend recites some sickening anecdote around a bonfire, youn...Read more

(Chapter 5) How to Write Love Stories

Lovers are seen with awe, with desire and yes, sometimes with envy. We see in them that strange needless happiness of being together. The union of two emotions, two worlds, of hearts is celebrate...Read more

(Chapter 6) How to write Detective Stories

  Introduction Detective novels are one of the most loved and popular types of fiction to exist. Any given detective story is no less than a puzzle to be solved; it sparks up questions...Read more

(Chapter 7) Erotica Writing

   Introduction: Couples getting intimate, the moan sounds, the steamy and sassy characters of man and a woman, the lingerie of a lady, etc., are certain components of erotic...Read more

(Chapter 8) Writing about Children

 This section covers the in-depth understanding of story writing for children. Story writing has even had its genesis from children. All of us have heard our Grandma's lullabies in our infanc...Read more

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