In this chapter, we are going to have an inside look at how to do 'Travel Writing'. The growing reputation that this branch of feature writing has been receiving in recent years is phenomenal. When we look up through the history of humans on this planet, we can see that travel and voyage has been an essential element of it. It is because of the innate urge of our ancestors to travel unexplored terrains that humans have established the supremacy and influence on earth. And as they have been walking distances, they have been documenting it as well and that is how travel literature was born back then.


And now that in the 21st century it is all the more physically convenient to travel far horizons, travel writing has deserved its spot. You just need to plan where you wish to go, pack your bags, book your tickets if you want to or go on your own. There is an amazing quote by Oscar Wilde “Live life with no excuses, travel with no regrets”. There is enough infrastructure in the world for you to have a beautiful journey without much annoyance. It was not that easy back then.


In this unit, you will learn the attributes and skills you should nurture as a travel writer. Also, how as a feature writer, you should centre on the idea of the specific group or class of readers you have chosen to compose for, the utilization of tools you need and much more. We will be pursuing a specific niche of travel writing, that is, a travel memoir.

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