Business writing includes reports, emails, proposals, letters, and memorandums. These are different forms of writing used in organizations to communicate with internal or external people. Business writing has different kinds of documents that are found in the workplace these days. In the past decade, paper records such as letters and memos have become less frequently used as email has emerged, but such documents are still important, in reality, they are more important than they were ever before, in certain situations. As it is predicted that in this era we are having paperless work at the office, but this is not true at all, at most workplaces, there are now more innumerable paper records than there were previously.


In few situations, way of memo writing and letter writing which you will learn can be practised in a professional environment can be applied when writing any kind of document physical or electronic. Some of the methods of expression and persuasion can also be used in both communication and presentations. Good newsletters (letters to consumers and clients that say 'surely, we can help you') and bad newsletters (letters to customers and clients that say 'no, we might not be able to help you, but ...') are discussed as well. Different types of persuasive letters, exploring the methods of human motivation along the way, are also considered. While letters are usually written to those outside the organization, memos are usually addressed to people inside the organization. Memos for different situations are highlighted in the following chapters, including situations when a hard copy is directly preferable to an email.  We will also look at reports as well in detail in the coming chapters. Reports can be short or long and can be used for a variety of communication.


In a professional environment, we use business writing as a way of written communication, including letters, emails, reports, and memos. It's intended to be read promptly so that it is clear and direct in its approach. If one wants to become an effective business writer, it requires practice and time. Business writing is a type of writing that seeks to evoke a business response. It's a deliberate piece of writing that presents relevant information to assist a reader to grasp something or perform something. It must be substantive, clear, accurate, and easy to scan. Professional entities use to communicate with each other either internal or external with the help of Business Writing.


 The scope of business writing

Business Writing is for providing information, advice, instruction, support or conveying a suggestion. Business influences everybody. If you don't wind up in a business-situated occupation, you will positively need to participate in business as a customer or client. Ability in business writing is additionally an important resource for job seekers. Businesses in every field need skilled authors. Advertisements, reports, applications, manuals, contracts, proposals, recommendations, memos are formed, amended, published and read in a large number of businesses across the nation. At that point, there are innumerable letters, structures, and reports we all experience throughout our regular day to day existence. There are barely any occupations nowadays that don't require any kind of ability with the written word.



Types of Business Writing:


There are four types of business writing that we are going to discuss in this chapter:-

  • Instructional Business Writing.
  • Informational Business Writing.
  • Persuasive Business Writing.
  • Transactional Business Writing.
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