Indeed, you can't refrain emotion to a single form or type. Sentiments expressed in the form of the poem makes poetry, emotions can also be expressed in the form of prose, free verse and dialogues. Emotions expressed in the form of characters through a suitable plot and atmosphere and an interesting sequence of events can take the form of a story. This section is attributed to the basics of storytelling and writing which discusses the regular form of a story – a beginning, middle and an end. Though the genesis of story writing is known to the Cuneiform system of writing developed by the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia in 3500-3000 BCE. Some of the earliest examples of written stories in the western tradition are the Bible and Homer's Odyssey, in the eastern culture, The Indian Vedas and Sanskrit poems, in Central America, the Mayan Codices. From that time, the parameters of story writing have evolved drastically, giving it a more structured and streamlined form.

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