Lovers are seen with awe, with desire and yes, sometimes with envy. We see in them that strange needless happiness of being together. The union of two emotions, two worlds, of hearts is celebrated everywhere. Love is ever-present. Its ubiquity is seen in animals alike. It is seen in a mother playing with her newborn. It is seen in a father's eyes. When your Grandmother recites a lullaby to you, it is her love. When you cuddle with your kitten on the couch, it is your love. Love is the soul of every little activity we do. We do something because we love to do it. When we don't love what we do, we don't participate in it. Love lives with us as we grow. Does it also die with us? No, our loved ones remember us with the love we gave them. When somebody comes to help us in trouble, it is the love that calls them.


Love stories are a way of reciting mellifluous tales of togetherness. Novels based on love are electrifying and energetic. They offer an eclectic mix of emotions that make you cry and jump in happiness, then again make you cry. You live the story, go through the ups and downs and find solace in the arms of affection. Writing a love story is a brilliant, refreshing and emotional process. In a love story, "romance" is the core emotion. In this particular lesson, we'll review the know-hows of creating and editing a love story that will meet or exceed our audience's expectations. We'll do this by focusing on the building blocks of this genre.

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