Detective novels are one of the most loved and popular types of fiction to exist. Any given detective story is no less than a puzzle to be solved; it sparks up questions in the mind of the reader like WHO committed the crime? WHY did it happen? WHAT was the motive? and WHERE and HOW it took place? A detective story is crafted on a theme of the mystery of a crime or murder. It deliberately hides things from the reader, which excites him, and he makes an effort to connect the dots and work through the confusion. The reason why we are so fond of detective stories is that we appreciate uncertainties to be removed and riddles to be solved. This then gives us a sense of confidence to live in the world. There is a certain level of subtleness in detective fiction that stimulates our memory. It changes how we approach things regardless of how minor they are. As the riddle is being disentangled, we are compelled to review sections that we read earlier that at the time may have appeared to be unimportant yet have a significant effect in the end. The suspense lures us that a whodunit offers. It pleases the most fundamental component responsible for the creation of story-telling- the element of curiosity i.e., the reader's passion for knowing why and how. The story moves at a particular speed.

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