Couples getting intimate, the moan sounds, the steamy and sassy characters of man and a woman, the lingerie of a lady, etc., are certain components of erotica writing. Adult fiction is a much broader and profound term than the words and terminologies used above. The world of writing has always seen erotica writing with cold eyes. Across the globe, the reasons for this strange and unfriendly behaviour corresponds to either the tag of taboo that this particular genre carries with itself or maybe the complexity and sophistication to represent this genre of writing effectively and fluently.


Before jumping into the sea of erotica writing, it is pertinent to differentiate between pornography and erotica writing. The difference between the two has been exquisitely described in these lines.

Erotica is brunettes in silk, pornography is blondes in nylon. Erotica is for nice middle-class literate people like us, pornography is for the lonely, unattractive and uneducated.

Lucy Fisher, London N16

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