The world is full of taboos. Societies have their own set of rules and ways of leading the milieu. These regulations and faucets on human freedom contain the openness of mind. There are many issues in society that people don't want to talk about in their day to day life. During the pre-scientific times, people had created rules to demarcate their colony. These rules were unique and identified and separated different colonies from each other. It was the time of baseless superstitions. Diseases were the devils during those times. People believed that these were the wrath of their God. Later with the evolution of science and technology, reasoning and questioning became more prevalent in many societies and now writing about social issues have gained more common ground and reach.


Formation of the Societies

Even before people knew how to speak, there were these small pockets of hunter-gatherers who roamed around marshlands. The means of subsistence were raw flesh, shrubs, and anything that could be consumed. They learned the basics of existence and skills for survival in adverse conditions. Then slowly, these small separated pockets across most of the Asiatic landmasses joined, cohabited, and formed tribes. Afterwards, societies designed around religion; tribes formed, communities came about, countries and nations formed.


Modern-Day Social issues

However, some serious social problems were unique to those times. Prostitution and whoredom were prevalent in European societies. Polygamy was considered a religious duty (even today). Even in this century, you come across religious intolerance, dowry-related molestations, racial discrimination, sexual harassment, etc. Religion is a subject of scrutiny because it brings alongside it some unexplained, illogical regulations that may not hold any significance in scientific decades of today. In recent times, social problems have turned from religious bigotry to more cognitive issues. Lately, climate change and terrorism are some challenging and severe social issues that need to be dealt with an iron-clad resolve. These pose day to day challenges to human life. People try to tackle and find out workable solutions to these problems. Economic disparities, gender-based discrimination, black money- all these are the prominent trials and tribulations of this decade. Money is also one deciding factor that can make or break a society. Societies with less money will altogether revert to an Orthodox existence and block all avenues for development, whereas when these societies have enough money, it's upon the state how it uses the money. They can drain the funds in corruption, illegal activities, warfare or can develop, replenish, and renew their assets. Societies need to adopt new ways and should shed off old prejudices with time. Social issues include a multitude of topics like gender inequality in today's world, ever-growing crime, religious intolerance, and bigotry, ever-widening poverty gap, child abuse, and massive scale unemployment.


Is writing about social issues everyone's cup of tea?


The answer to this question is a straight forward- "NO". As humans are full of vices, these social menaces run in their blood. Corruption, avarice, apathy are some of the aftereffects of these current social issues.

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