Writing book reviews has always been an eclectic combination of different views and verdicts. Many novels begin with other novelists brief-reviewing what they read, ornamenting it with all the synonyms and similes they have in their inventory. Then there are complete blogs reviewing every nook and corner of the book. Book reviews are majorly informative and short and will wring out the crux of the whole reason behind that book. They will offer a critical perspective on an event, phenomenon, object or text. Good reviews look descriptive and lack any unnecessary details. Without a proper review system, nothing can sustain for long. Book Reviewing encompasses entire genres of literature, research work, film scripting, art, fashion, everything. Reviewers are always slogging hours to get those 'perfect and superlative' reviews out of their pens. Let's explore more about the requirements for this subject, considering the reviewer's ethics, styles, facets, and features to get an insight into a proper book review.




Here we will be looking into what qualities a genuine reviewer should have in order to write a just review. The primary task of a reviewer is to appraise and evaluate the various features of a book and provide a compacted and sophisticated feedback in the word limit of 600~700 words (it can extend up to at most 1500 words). Reviewers need to have certain discipline and code of conduct to get an upper hand in this genre.

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