This section covers the in-depth understanding of story writing for children. Story writing has even had its genesis from children. All of us have heard our Grandma's lullabies in our infancy to the shows of Malgudi days in our adolescence to the Harry Potter series in our teenage; we can't separate the essence of stories from our childhood memories. As it is a specialised branch of writing, it requires expertise techniques and a skilled hand to deal with; henceforth this chapter is dedicated to learning such nuances of story writing for children.

Since the shades of story writing for children are not the same for all the age group, we are hereby segregating the different techniques of story writing for different age groups.



  •  2 to 3 years: This category of children needs more pictures rather than text.
  •  4 to 6 years: This age group child can read stories only in simple language that includes animal stories, fantasy stories and fairy tales. Example: The little  Peach Who Spoke Italian.
  •  7 to 10 years: This is the most eager age group who wants to listen and read the stories themselves, the suitable subjects for such age group includes adventure, school, fantasy, space odysseys etc.
  •  10 to 15 years: At this stage, children become voracious readers, and they are interested in topics like stories about mountaineering, history, dacoits, bandits,  war stories, sea adventures, treasure finding adventures.
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