Before we can learn about the innovations in poetry, it is necessary to learn what are innovations?

Innovations are the novelties or changes that a poet introduces into his/her writings. Poetry, as we all know, is the portrayal of the intense feelings arising in the heart of a poet. The poet, through his poem, induces the same feelings in the hearts of his readers as well. Words can not be contained in a particular manner or fashion. Hence, innovations come into play to displace this staleness within a poem and to give it a new meaning and manner.


Poetry has undergone drastic changes since its inception. One of the new and liberated ways of writing poems is the rejection of traditional, classical verse forms and metrical patterns and the adoption of novel methods and structure forms. These new forms of expression called free verses have recently been introduced which in its modern form arose through the French vers libre form. Free verse defies the rhythmic metrical patterns instead it focuses on natural speeches that consist of stressed and unstressed syllables.

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