Romance is the elixir of life.

Romance comes from emotional attachment. It can be with your partner or an animal or even nature. The way a man serenades his woman had been cannon fodder for classic poets. He is going down his knees, drowning in his beloved's ocean-like eyes, giving her daffodils of love and promising her lifelong endearments. Darling becomes his new omnipresent deity.


When love is a quagmire, once you are into it, you blindly move deeper and then you find no dead-end. However, it's not roses and petals, after all, thorns abound, heartbreaks happen. And then emerges from the cocoon of emotional turmoil, poets who jot down their days of euphoria and their days of despondency with shades of succinct sangfroid. Drinking this holy grenadine of romance makes one forget sorrow and suffering. Yes, love makes them mad. They think about it all the time. They sneak through the corridors of their secret love affair, hidden from the world, embraced by their dancing desires.

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"Let's write together"- I too write