Transactional business writing is all about your reader. Your reader is your focus point. Getting the format is the natural part, and laying the content right is the most challenging part. But once you get the start, it is easy to communicate the message. The series of these kinds of communication that happens from the side of business enterprises will affect its credibility. So it is better to have a logical idea into the domain of different kinds of business writing and to equip with all the tools that one can use in transactional business writing. We would like to give our audience an overall idea on how to improve your business writing skills. Our key is to help you draft better letters and e-mails which fall under transactional business writing.


The usual errors most enterprises make is writing e-mails is that they aren't specific enough, giving their readers blunt information and thereby making him or her ignore the message as such. Long-winded letters with poor structure and e-mails with grammar errors can affect the credibility of your business communication. Your letters and e-mails should always be close to you, and you must know the content very well so that you can draft a valid business document. When preparing the letter, make sure that you write down and arrange your thoughts. You must also select a professional font size and style. The tone of the message should be one of politeness and sincerity. If you have any grievances, you should discuss the issue with a level of professionalism and a positive tempo. Remember, for every word you put out there, you will be judged, so improving is the best way out before you complicate your business communication. Improving your writing is a lifelong task, be it in a business environment or you being a professional writer. Still, there is always room for improvement by getting the right information.


Transactional business writing contains

• Business Letters

• Business E-mails


Business Letters: A letter written for a business purpose is a business letter. A business letter is usually a letter from one company to another, or between each organization and its customers, clients, and external parties. Every business letter has a different layout and form, which is established by convention and practice. There are different business letters namely:-

1. Acknowledgement business letters

2. Complaint business letters

3. Circular business letters

4. Enquiry business letters

5. Reply business letters

6. Sales business letters

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