When we are writing a non-fiction piece of news it is generally known as a fiction story/writing. It is a kind of soft news and its main sub-types are the human-interest story and the news feature. It is the quality of the writing in a feature story that kicks in contrast from other kinds of non-news. Stories should have a memorable touch for their crafting, reporting, creativity, and economy of expression.


A feature story has stood out from traditional news detailing, typically presents newsworthy occasions and data through a narrative story, complete with a plot and story characters. It varies from a short story principally in that the substance isn't anecdotal. Like writing, the feature story depends upon artistry and subjectivity to make an enthusiastic association with the readers and may feature some general part of human instinct. In contrast to straight news, the feature story effectively entertains the readers, in addition to illuminating them with information.


In contrast to straight news, the subject of a feature story is typically not time-sensitive. It, for the most part, features uplifting news. Feature stories are normally written in the active voice, with an accentuation on energetic, engaging exposition.

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