In this chapter, you will learn about the anti-hero, in place of the conventional one. An anti-hero can be secluded and a flawed figure, fighting his inner battles while looking for freedom and self-respect in this biased world. He might do heroic things but not because he sees it as the right thing but for self-preservation and his interests.


The anti-hero story is a highlight of the twentieth century. We are coming into existence due to the dynamics in traditional values and lifestyle changes. There always has been an appreciation for heroes whose flawed nature prevents them from fitting the conventional mould. This chapter strives to expound anti-hero fiction, contrasting it with traditional fantasy, accenting the points of differences and likenesses.



Few Commonalities Between Traditional And Anti-Hero Fiction

The characters in a story and its plot are deeply woven into one another. The two cannot be untangled as the form and development of one is intertwined with the form and development of the other. The main character in the story, whether he is portrayed in a supportive manner or not is the hero, also known as the protagonist.

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